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Our charity delivers an advanced trauma team to critically injured people in London, serving the 10 million people who live, work and commute within the M25.


Events are a fun way to show your support. You can take part in our events or hold your own to raise money for us. Whatever you decide to do, we are here to support you.

Our news

The total cost of acquiring and sustaining a second helicopter, and extending daylight flying hours over five years is £6 million. We hope to be in a position to have a second helicopter operational by summer 2015. 

our lottery

By spending just £1 a week you could have the chance of winning our top prize of £1,000, and at the same time you'll be supporting our essential service.

flying longer this summer

For the first time in our history we will fly longer hours during the summer months. From 29 March 2015, the start of BST, until 2 September we are now able to deliver our advanced trauma team to critically injured people in London via helicopter every day until sunset. At its peak the helicopter can be used until 21.21 whereas previously, due to aviation resources, the service had to stop flying at 18.45 each day. This development is part of our strategy to extend our helicopter emergency medical service. Further to this,we are hoping to acquire a second helicopter to provide cover when the current aircraft is offline for maintenance. Together these will allow us to reach up an estimated 400 patients per year by air.


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