Create Your Page

Got an idea for a fundraising event that’s not featured on our website?  Perhaps you want to arrange your own event at your local school, workplace or sports club?  Or have you signed up to a charity run or charity cycle?  You can now set-up an online fundraising page right here!

Fundraising is essential to keeping the London’s Air Ambulance service running. Throughout the year we rely on your support to raise money for us in many different ways. Fundraising comes in all shapes and sizes, from charity runs to community events, and we know that online giving pages are one of the biggest income-generators. That is why we have created this feature, so that you can set up an online giving page via our website. This means that we retain 100% of the donations, whereas some other sites charge administration costs which takes away from your impressive totals.

Earlier this year, Chloe Eales organised a fundraising event at a local Primary school to raise money for London’s Air Ambulance in memory of her nephew. Chloe and her friends were taking part in a 5k Military Mud Run and in order to drive sponsorship they organised a local event which raised over £500.

Chloe was sponsored to have custard (which had food colouring in to make it look like mud) poured over her head for the occasion. She set up an online fundraising page which made it easier for her friends and family to sponsor her.