Help us save more lives 

London's Air Ambulance is a dynamic and innovative charity for your company to work with. We are committed to creating mutually beneficial partnerships and ensuring that working with us is a rewarding, engaging and fun experience. London's Air Ambulance is a highly respected and visible charity brand - an instantly recognisable source of pride across London, and indeed nationally and internationally.

Our cause is clear and compelling: saving lives every day and pushing the boundaries of pre-hospital medical care to improve outcomes for critically injured people. Trauma is the single biggest killer of the Under 45 age group, including children, and by definition, can happen to anyone at any time. Our charity operates 24/7 and we are here for your employees or their loved ones should they need us. As a charity, we rely on the generosity of companies to maintain and enhance our life-saving service.

Through our partnership approach, we endeavour to engage with your employees at all levels, through a combination of events, challenges and presentations. Given the unique work we do, we can also support some of your more strategic issues by imparting our experience on leadership, scene management, communication, teamwork, risk management and crew resource management, to name a few core topics.

Find out how your company's support can help us save more lives, and how we can help you deliver on some of your own organisational priorities. 

Please contact Lucy Brooks, our Corporate Development Manager, to find out more.

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