Our team of dedicated canvassers play a vital role in helping the service. If you are interested in becoming one of our self employed canvassers, please contact the Lottery team on 020 3023 3316 or email lottery@londonsairambulance.co.uk


Please find below the updated list for the areas all canvassers representing London's Air Ambulance are currently working in. All of our canvassers work within the M25, the local police stations are informed of the areas in which each canvasser operates. All our canvassers carry photo ID. We regularly update the website but if you cannot see a canvasser please contact our offices to confirm their identity. 

Andy O’Donnell
UB Postcodes

Yinka Awotona
W Postcodes

Trevor Allen     

Jim Linnen  

Amy Bridgewater

Ben Mills 

Melanie Clarke E  Postcodes

Louise Skein

Derek Murphy Spelthorne Postcodes

Emmanuel Shiyanbola      Bromley  Postcodes 

      Oliver Bourne        Private Sites  

Lorna Trigg

Sean Obrien 

Wendy Rogers

Elizabeth Ferreira

    Martin Fielding        

Andrew Robinson

Kris Williams

Stephen Lawrence

Kevin Morris  Barking and Dagenham

Matthew Keel  

Gary Pert          

 RM Postcodes

Jennifer Grace-May  RM Postcodes  

Andrew Jordan

Mark Cooper

James Linnen

Matt Collins

Mark Hughes

John Davis

John Langley

Andy Grahn 

Francesca Bailey

Solomon Olatunji

Jonathen Balogun

Christiana Eweje

Terry Brown

Stuart Voice

Darren Green

Michael Budd

Steve Foster

Paul O' Connor

Harry Wood

Ellie Ingall

Gary Woolhead

Jack Walton

Barry Griffin