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Why do we need a second helicopter? 

When London’s current (and until recently the only) emergency medical helicopter is offline for servicing or maintenance (planned or unplanned), our patients need us to have access to a second helicopter immediately. 

Last year, our (at the time only) helicopter, registered as G-EHMS, was offline for maintenance for 55 days in total.  Our desire is to change this in 2016 and deliver our advanced trauma team to the patient’s side by helicopter every day, every daylight hour possible. We could not achieve this without a second helicopter.  

Acquiring a second helicopter and extending our daylight flying hours in the summer months will enable us to reach an estimated 400 more patients per year by aircraft. By having a helicopter available at all times, it will also give London greater resilience during major incidents. 

How did my support of the campaign made a difference so far? 

Following the launch of ‘Your London, Your Helicopter’ fundraising campaign in February 2015, a total of just over £4 million has been raised to date, with just under £2 million still needed to reach the £6 million target. 

We have now acquired a second emergency medical helicopter thanks to this generous contribution from the people and organisations of London. The used MD902 Explorer, which is now registered as G-LNDN, is targeted to be operational in early 2016. Enough has been raised to also cover the costs of converting the helicopter to meet UK regulations. More about the purchase of our second helicopter

Thanks to those who have donated to the campaign so far, we were also able to fly longer hours in the summer 2015. Previously, due to affordability, we had to revert to rapid response cars at 18.45. Your donations have allowed us to contract the pilots and fire crew we needed to fly every day until sunset. As a result, we were able to reach, and treat, a further 67 patients by air. More about extended daylight flying hours in 2015

Why should I continue to support the campaign? 

Your up-to-date support has allowed us to achieve all above. However, more money is still needed to fund associated running costs of operating the second aircraft and extending our summer daylight flying hours for five years. 

How can I donate? 

Please donate here or contact to discuss how else you can support. 

Why do you need my help with funding the helicopter? 

Not many people realise that London’s Air Ambulance is a charity and relies mostly on donations. We know that you care for your city as without your help we wouldn't be able to operate at all. Now is the time when we need to all own the solution to a London problem – the need for 10 million of us who work, travel and holiday in London to be protected by having a second helicopter available when needed.  

Why don't we have a second helicopter operational already?

Quite simply, affordability. It currently costs £5 million per year to operate London’s Air Ambulance and to date the charity has only been able to afford one helicopter. With the second helicopter, and extended daylight flying hours, the cost of the service will increase to over £6 million per year. This means that we will rely on your support even more, both now and in the future.

What does the London's Air Ambulance actually do? 

The charity delivers an advanced trauma team to critically injured people in London 24/7, using a helicopter by day and rapid response cars by night or in adverse weather conditions. The team, which at all times includes an advanced trauma doctor and paramedic, perform advanced medical interventions, normally only found in the hospital Emergency Department, in time critical, life threatening situations. Missions commonly involve serious road traffic collisions, falls from height, industrial accidents, assaults and injuries on the rail network. What area does the helicopter have to cover? Everywhere inside the M25: from Enfield to Epsom; Walthamstow to Weybridge; Chigwell to Chertsey; Romford to Richmond; Hornchurch to Hounslow; Dartford to Denham; Bromley to Borehamwood; Croydon to Crouch End… the centre of London and everywhere in-between. We have some great partner air ambulance charities in other areas of the country too. You can learn about them here

What is a pre-hospital advanced trauma service? 

Trauma patients suffer critical injuries which must be treated as quickly as possible in order to prevent life-long disability, or even death. Pre-hospital care defines the delivery of medical care before the patient arrives at hospital. This may be on a street, in an alleyway, under a train or in a field. We bring the hospital to the patient….wherever that may be. Our advanced trauma team works alongside the London Ambulance Service to provide rapid, effective treatment on scene as soon as possible after injury. Our doctor and paramedic team can perform procedures to relieve pain, straighten broken limbs and undertake surgery such as open chest surgery to restart the heart, administer blood transfusions and deliver emergency anaesthesia. At the roadside. Within minutes of injury. 

How is the service delivered in adverse weather or at night? 

There are certain times when it’s just not possible to use a helicopter to deliver our team to the patient’s side. During the hours of darkness and when the weather is not suitable we do not fly for safety reasons. At times like these we deploy a blue-light rapid response car which delivers exactly the same team, kit and interventions by road. The car is driven by our paramedic with our doctor navigating to the scene of serious injury.