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We are so grateful for the support shown by individuals. It is thanks to the people of London that we are on our way to achieving our goal of acquiring and sustaining a second helicopter for our city. A huge thank you to all that have donated to the Your London, Your Helicopter campaign.

Sandra, Beckenham

‘I hope and pray we never need the service but I want to be there for those that do. It shocked me that the current helicopter is out of service for 55 days. I was in a traffic jam and I saw the air ambulance come down and land in the middle of the road - it gave me shivers.’

Anne, central London

‘It seems wrong that with the high population of London we only have one helicopter. I’ve worked in healthcare and I’m aware of the importance of the air ambulance. I often see it flying overhead and think, thank god we have something that can get through the traffic.’

Aidan, Raynes Park

‘You guys do an awesome job at literally keeping London alive.  We need you, so keep up the great work!

Clare, Fulham

‘I am donating as someone who cycles in London in recognition of the great work the London’s Air Ambulance service does for those injured on the roads of our city.’

Thomas, Barking

‘I'm just about to start a career in London Ambulance Service and I hope to one day be working in that 2nd helicopter in HEMS.’

Jonathan, Bromley

‘Such an important feature of London life.  I always pause for thought when I see it buzz overhead and a second will simply extend the good work. #nobrainer.’

Seth, South West London

‘Working in the emergency services myself I treat the HEMS crew as colleagues. I’m a motorbike rider and I’m all too aware of the risks.’

Graham & Joe, Bromley

 ‘I can’t believe there aren’t already two helicopters and that LAA is a charity, but I thought the idea of buying a piece of the helicopter once you’ve donated online was great’

Rachel, Stepney Green

‘It seems like common sense to donate to this cause. It baffles me that the service relies upon charitable donations. If a standard ambulance can’t get to a patient in time then….’

Cliff, Charlton

‘I support the Your London, Your Helicopter campaign for a second helicopter so we can keep London’s Air Ambulance flying 365 days of the year. I was very happy to be able to make a donation towards such a worthwhile cause to keep this fantastic service flying for many more years to come.’

Keith Parker, Beckenham

‘What an absolutely vital service it is.’