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London's Air Ambulance Helipad Abseil 2018 - Corporate (no reg fee)

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UBM's SHP Online and Safety and Health Expo work with London’s Air Ambulance as our official charity partner.

As a provider of leading information services for the health and safety profession LAA is hugely relevant charity for us, with falls from height over two storeys being one of the three incidents that prompts an automatic response.

As well as this, UBM has a long standing history with LAA having funded its first four years of existence in the 1980's.

We're proud to be continuing with our support so it can carry on with its great work.

To raise money for this great charity, a team from UBM will be abseiling down the 17 floors from the helipad on the roof of the Royal London Hospital in September.

Who are we?

Nicoletta Bartucca, Brand Marketing Manager

Angela Coffill, Business Development Manager

Chris Edwards, Brand Director

Charlotte Geoghegan, Head of Content

Ian Hart, SHP Editor

Sarah James, Brand Marketing Executive

Jonathan Lancaster, Key Accounts Director

We would be really grateful of any sponsorship money you can spare. Any funds raised will be kindly matched by UBM.

Thanks in advance.

My Chosen Charity

London’s Air Ambulance is the charity that delivers an advanced trauma team to critically injured people in London. The service provides pre-hospital medical care at the scene of the incident and serves the 10 million people who live, work and commute within the M25.

The team, which at all times includes an advanced trauma doctor and paramedic, perform advanced medical interventions, normally only found in the hospital Emergency Department, in time critical, life threatening situations.

Missions commonly involve serious road traffic collisions, falls from height, industrial accidents, assaults and injuries on the rail network.

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  • £20.00

    Len Coffill

    Good luck Angela and team!! Papa and Jane xxx

  • £50.00

    Fiona Edwards

    Good luck Chris. Tremendous effort Mum and Tony

  • £25.00

    Charlotte Geoghegan

    Such a brilliant charity and great initiative!

  • £10.00

    Nicola Crockley

    Best of luck Jo x

  • £10.00

    Nick Robinson

    Don't look down

  • £50.00

    Bindi Patel

    Good luck Chris!

  • £50.00

    Nirixa Patel

    Good luck to you all.

  • £25.00

    Tanya Thomas

    Good Luck Guys! #dreamteam

  • £30.00

    Sarah James

    Go team! (with care and following instructions obvs...) Sarah

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