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Included below are materials that will help you with your fundraising.

Digital materials

Email Signature

We recommend adding your fundraising page to your email signature. We've made one for you to use as well as instructions on how to link it to your page.

Download instructions
download email signature 

People respond better to social media posts that have an image or video attached. We've created some GIF's for you to share alongside your fundraising page as well as instructions on how to use. More are on their way as well!

Download instructions
I'm running the London Marathon
1864 patients
10 million people
Halfway to my target
LAA charity 

If you'd rather use still images instead of GIF's then please find some below. More are also on their way.

i'm running the london marathon
first donation
please sponsor me
thank you
LAA Charity 

Don't forget we have loads of content on our YouTube channel as well. 

Printable Materials


Posters that you can use to advertise your fundraising.



Sponsorship Form

Some people prefer to donate via sponsorship form rather than an online fundraising page.

Download sponsorship form
Power of your Pound

Print this off and place it by your collection box.

Download Power of YoUR Pound