Festival of Communities

Saturday 12th May 2018 at 11:30 – Saturday 12th May 2018 at 17:00

The Festival is a collaboration between Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) and over 40 local partner organisations, aiming to build connections across the borough of Tower of Hamlets 

The activities at the Festival of Communities are designed for local families to learn something new or try something different, and to provide an opportunity to meet and interact with people they haven’t met before. These varied activities range from hands-on experiments, sharing stories and views, watching demonstrations and performances and trying out fun new things. 

The activities showcase the best of health, medical, science, engineering, humanities and social science projects and research from QMUL and local organisations and services, curated by our Festival Planning Group made up of ten local organisations. 

We will be at the festival at the Queen Mary University of London Mile End Campus with our helivan, talking about what the charity does and running some fun activities such as giant operation and demonstrating our helimed app. If you see us, pop over to say hi, have a go on our games and put some pennies in our bucket to keep the helicopter flying.

If you'd like more information about hosting your own event in your area, please contact Alison on 020 3023 3313 or a.mcguinness@londonsairambulance.co.uk