London’s Air Ambulance reveals its busiest postcodes in London

Thursday 5th March 2015

London’s Air Ambulance treated 1806 patients in 2014. The charity has today released its mission statistics for 2014 in a bid to raise awareness.

Key statistics include:

  • Busiest boroughs included Westminster (120 patients treated), Tower Hamlets (104 patients treated) and Hackney (101 patients treated)
  • Busiest postcodes included N1 (41 patients treated ), E14, NW10 and SE1 (33 patients treated)
  • Of the 1806 patients treated, the mechanisms of injury were:

- 33% road traffic collisions
- 27% Falls
- 24% stabbings and shootings
- 16% Other (including incidents on the rail networks, hangings and drownings)

Graham Hodgkin, CEO of London’s Air Ambulance, said:“While our statistics show that we were busier in some areas of London than others, trauma can happen to anyone, anywhere at any time. Trauma doesn’t have a postcode and neither do we. By releasing these statistics today we are hoping to raise awareness of that fact and that the charity is here to serve everyone in London."

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