You can still see a trace of car tyre on the helmet Chrishan Mathias was wearing on 22nd March 2013. The 28-year-old fashion buyer was cycling home from the Debenhams head office when he was run over by a taxi at Albion Road, Stoke Newington. Chrishan has a flash memory of seeing the bottom of the car and hearing the voice of a doctor from London's Air Ambulance telling him they had to put his dislocated ankle back in place. When he woke up in the hospital, his eyes were filled with blood, having been run over on the head by a heavy vehicle.

The taxi dragged Chrishan and his bike all the way across the junction where they collided. Photos of the taxi he was trapped under popped up on Twitter almost immediately. The London's Air Ambulance team was at Chrishan's side within minutes. Dr Fran Corcoran and Paramedic Jason Morris sedated Chrishan with ketamine to relieve his pain. Chrishan's ribs and sternum were broken and his left ankle was dislocated. He had bruised lungs and lacerated his liver. The London's Air Ambulance team treated his ankle on scene to prevent further damage to his left leg. After they assessed his injuries, the decision was made to transport Chrishan to The Royal London Hospital by land ambulance.

Chrishan's story would have been very different if he weren’t wearing a helmet. The head protection his helmet provided prevented potentially fatal injuries and Chrishan could be discharged from the hospital after three days. He is still wearing a cast boot and attending physiotherapy to rehabilitate his ankle, but has now returned to his full time job at Debenhams, sourcing fabrics, building fashion ranges and working with designers.

"I'd like to thank all the emergency response teams that attended on the day of my accident and a huge, huge thank you to the London's Air Ambulance team that tended to me. I was lucky enough to come and meet Dr Fran and some of the team to express my thanks in person. Everyone's quick and decisive actions have helped my recovery," said Chrishan.

"It's crazy to think London's Air Ambulance is mainly funded as a charity and once my recovery is complete to an extent that allows me, I want to raise some money for the service by getting back on my bike and doing a charity ride of sorts.... wearing a helmet, of course!"

"I'm not going to preach and say everyone should wear one and it should be made a legal requirement, but I'd just like to ask people to simply consider wearing one…"

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