James Moore, Deputy Business Editor at The Independent, was run over by a tanker whilst cycling on 17th February 2012. Here he tells his story:

"Visiting London’s Air Ambulance with my family was very special for me. The service saved my life, playing a crucial role in preventing my name from being added to the grim toll of cyclists killed on London’s roads."

"Speed is of the essence in situations like the one I found myself in - trapped under the wheels of a tanker that had knocked me off my bike."

"With the lunchtime roads between Stratford and Whitechapel choked with traffic, a trip in an ordinary ambulance to an A&E would have taken an unacceptably long time. My injuries were so severe that a decision was made to call in the advanced medical expertise of the London’s Air Ambulance doctor and paramedic and the helicopter delivered them to my side within minutes . They anaesthetised me, drained both my lungs and splinted my legs and pelvis to stabilise me before whisking me off to The Royal London Hospital by air where I was handed over to the surgeon to carry out their miracles."

"The fact that I am here today, able to work full time from home, and lead a more or less normal family life is thanks to their skill and dedication."

"But would it have been possible without London’s Air Ambulance? All I can say for certain is that my family and I are eternally grateful that it is there. That it is on hand to deliver an advanced trauma team to critically injured people in London 24/7 and can perform life-saving procedures literally at the roadside. Knowing it is there is a source of comfort to me, to us, and being able to visit the helipad, shake the hands of the pilots, doctors and paramedics who man the chopper, was very sweet."

"I know my son, who endured more than a three-year-old should have to with remarkable courage, was thrilled by the chance to sit in the helicopter and play doctor."

"The fact that the service is mostly funded through charitable donations is remarkable."

"I was fortunate enough to be in a position to raise more than £12,000 by convincing my colleagues to designate the London's Air Ambulance as one of the charities to benefit from an annual cricket and rounders match between City journalists and public relations staff."

"And I understand that there is a movement in the City to funnel more funds to this vital service, maybe even to get the charity that provides it into a position to buy a second helicopter. Hopefully that movement will succeed. Because life is priceless."

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