On 5th January 2012, five year old Liam Moyo and his brother were walking home from school, escorted by a family friend. Liam was holding his minder’s hand and, like many other boys of his age have done, he let go of her hand and ran into the road when there was an oncoming speeding car which collided with him and dragged him along for 20 metres.

Liam had suffered such severe head injuries that his life was in danger and the on duty London’s Air Ambulance team were activated to the incident. London’s Air Ambulance’s Dr Julian Thompson and paramedic Jason Morris provided advanced procedures at the roadside including an anaesthetic, breathing support and medication to reduce brain swelling, before escorting him to St. Mary’s Hospital in a land ambulance.

Liam’s Mum, Saziso Moyo, was alerted, and rushed to be by his side. At the hospital Liam had a full trauma examination and CT scan before later being transferred to Great Ormond Street Hospital for specialised treatment by Neurosurgeons.

Amazingly Liam, who had to learn to talk and walk again from scratch, has made a miraculously speedy recovery despite the severe traumatic brain injury that he sustained and the poor prognosis that was initially expected. He is now back at school, is running faster than any other child and has caught up with his academic studies.

“This was all because of the excellent initial medical care that he received from London’s Air Ambulance at an earliest possible time,” said Liam’s Mum, “there is sense of accomplishment for Dr Julian and his team and of course for us.”

On 23rd March 2012, Liam Moyo was invited as a very special guest to join London’s Air Ambulance in the London Stock Exchange Market Open Ceremony. Liam pushed the button, opening the market to the world, with the team who helped save his life, before being taken to visit the helipad. “This event has helped us to erase those initial bad memories after the accident. Liam was very pleased to learn that so many people are celebrating his recovery with him and was especially pleased to meet the people who saved his life”, said Sasizo. “Before this he used to talk more about the accident and now we are hearing more about Ruby the Helicopter, his London Stock Exchange adventure and Liam's story on the London’s Air Ambulance Website.

“How satisfying it is, to look back and see that the first responder's skills and services can make such a big difference. We are so grateful that Liam is now engaging like any other child of his age.” Saziso went on to say.

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