Some children treated by London´s Air Ambulance have gone on to have their own children. 35-year-old teacher Angela Barlow was hit by a car at the age of 11. Her mother Susan saw the incident unfold from the kitchen window. 

“I heard a bang and saw my daughter lying on the ground. The car was gone, it was a hit and run. I had seen Angela talking to two neighbourhood girls earlier. I believe someone else must have called her and the car hit her as she turned around towards them but we can´t be sure,” said Susan.

The collision crushed Angela´s head and broke her leg. Her head injury was life threatening. The London´s Air Ambulance team, led by Dr Alastair Wilson, rushed to her side and quickly recognised the severity of her injuries. They administered pain relief and took Angela to The Royal London Hospital by helicopter, a three minute flight time. 

“She had blood clot on her brain. It was very serious and they operated on her all night, trying to stop the bleeding,” said Susan. “They said she was going to be paralysed but thankfully she isn’t!” 

Angela said: “No matter how careful you are, this can happen to anyone. When the same accident happened to my nephew, I realised how common this is and how vital the work of London´s Air Ambulance is.” 

Dr Gareth Davies, Medical Director of London´s Air Ambulance said: “Injury is the biggest killer for people under 45 and by far the biggest for children. People think of meningitis, cystic fibrosis or leukaemia but as devastating as they are there’s a reality gap. For most people who lose a child it will be within 200 yards of their home in a road traffic accident. That’s the reality.”

I made a miraculous recovery, I can´t imagine what our lives would be like if it turned out to be different. Our family will always be thankful to this life-saving charity,” said Angela.

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