7-year-old Kimi couldn’t wait to play with her new scooter. Kimi's parents dropped her at their relatives' house in Stanmore before heading to a funeral. After lunch, Kimi went to ride her scooter with her uncle. A few hours later, her mother got a call every parent dreads.

“We chose that scooter for its safety features, including three wheels for extra stability,” reflects Kimi’s mother Kaksha, who works as a GP in North West London. 

“Kimi was going down the hill on her scooter, it must have been quite fast. She fell off and knocked herself unconscious,” says Kaksha. “My brother in law thought she was going to come round. From what I was told, she started crying and then stopped. That’s when he decided to call an ambulance.”

“The funeral we were at took place 15 minutes away. When we got to Kimi, the land ambulance crew were trying to immobilise her. I was freaking out. We don’t know where the helicopter landed but I remember a doctor from London’s Air Ambulance had arrived, assessed Kimi and gave her a shot of morphine.”

“I was in state of shock. Seeing a healthy 6-year-old suddenly not talking to you. Being medical, you think all sorts of things; is she going to wake up, is she going to have consequences?”

“The team from London’s Air Ambulance were great. We had excellent care from the start.” 

The CT scan in the hospital revealed that Kimi’s head injury might have been life threatening. “The speed is of essence in these situations and it’s great to know that a senior doctor can be at your child’s side within minutes, if anything like this happens.” 

Kimi has fully recovered and is now back at school. “She has had a lucky escape. We are very grateful to London’s Air Ambulance and the land ambulance paramedic who made the decision to call them out. Had it not been for him, we don’t know if London’s Air Ambulance would have arrived.”

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