"When I crashed my sports car, I almost bled to death. I was in pieces. I crushed my skull, broke both my legs and ribs. I couldn’t breathe and needed a blood transfusion. In minutes, these guys were by my side. They kept me alive until we made it to the hospital." 

"The last thing I remember is leaving the garage after I had my car freshly checked by mechanics." 

"I needed petrol and there was a petrol station down the road. I would have never gone down that road if that was not the case." 

"I took an exit off the roundabout. The mechanics in the garage said that the road was like ice rink. The back of the car skidded. I corrected it. It skidded again. The next time around, I lost control of the car and went head to head with another car." 

"In the hospital, doctors had to open my chest and massage my heart with bare hands to restart it - something the London’s Air Ambulance team can do at the roadside, if needs to be. These guys are amazing."

"I definitely wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for London’s Air Ambulance. London Ambulance Service also does a great job but there is only so much they can do for you when you get seriously injured. Having the London's Air Ambulance team almost immediately by my side saved my life.”

"No words can thank them enough..."

Phil with Prof David Lockey and  paramedic Andy Dunne   who treated him after his car crash

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