Max (14) was knocked off his motocross bike by a vehicle three times the size and power of his. Landing with his hands outstretched, Max broke both his wrists and kept drifitng in and out of consciousness. His family gives an account of the minutes that they thought might have changed their lives forever. 

“I was trying to tell Max to move but nothing came out of my mouth,” 

...describes the helplessness of watching Max's accident his little brother Bobi (10). They both got small motocross bikes as a birthday present and were training balance in the field to prepare for a proper cross track. 

 "Our son was driving 40 miles/hour, going head to head with the other guy" 
"Bobi was quite shocked but my husband took it the worst," says Max's mum Sarah. “He was watching the accident develop and couldn’t prevent it. Our son was driving some 40 miles an hour, going head to head with the other guy who came from behind the bend at 50 miles. My husband couldn’t get Max's attention. He has been picturing it over and over, playing it in his head like a film.” 

"I thought my life had changed forever" 
“I was 10 minutes away. By the time I got to the track, the London's Air Ambulance team was already working on Max. When I saw my son lying on the ground, I thought my life had changed forever. He kept talking to me and going unconscious,” says Sarah. “The London's Air Ambulance team was fantastic. An orthopaedic surgeon tended to Max on board of the helicopter. He sedated Max and pulled and plastered his wrists back into position. The way he did it meant that Max didn’t have to have pins put in his wrists in the hospital and didn’t need that many surgeries. We were extremely lucky.” 

Max with Dr Ash Vasireddy who treated him after his motocross accident

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