About Emeritus

Our 'emeritus' group of doctors and paramedics is a unique group of clinicians who have completed a secondment with London's Air Ambulance and who volunteer to continue to deliver clinical care to patients during operational shifts. The group bring an expertise and experience that is unique not only in providing care for patients but in facilitating continuity in training, a 'corporate memory', and a critical appraisal of innovation. Many of the doctors and paramedics have worked for London's Air Ambulance for over ten years. Our emeritus team wear the same orange uniform as all of our current staff and can often be seen at our fundraising and charity events.

Emeritus paramedics are supported by the London Ambulance Service in their clinical role, but contribute many hours of voluntary service in training, maintaining currency with our standard operating procedures, and in delivering key messages to the wider medical and paramedical community. Our emeritus doctors are specialists in their own right and have additional roles as key figures in the emergency care infrastructure of London, often as lead clinicians and consultant level practitioners. They have a continuing professional development programme with London's Air Ambulance and with Bart's Health NHS Trust. Many emeritus doctors are internationally recognised experts in their individual fields and are often seen lecturing and educating in different parts of the world. Both groups give their time voluntarily, this includes clinical work, training and education (the Prehospital Care Course, organised by The Institute of Prehospital Care at London's Air Ambulance), contributing to our charity fundraising activity and regularly represent our charity overseas.

The lead emeritus doctor Dr Ali Sanders, is a former Olympian and she coordinates the activities of the group. Together the emeritus group is a key part of the London's Air Ambulance team.