Where our funding came from

In 2015/16 we raised £10.7 million (consolidated income) from our supporters and partners, a year on year increase of 12.4% (2015: £9.5 million). This growth has been driven by all income streams, including gifts in kind, but most notably from Trusts & Foundations, which raised £1,654,851 (+ £1,027,862 vs 2015), and the Lottery, which raised £3,224,187 (+ £483,577 vs 2015).

Our supporters have donated generously both in cash and gifts in kind and every stream of income has been vital to the incredible success and expansion we have seen in this financial year. This income has provided us with the ability to buy and bring our second helicopter into service and increase our financial resilience. Included within gifts in kind is the value of our clinical staff provided by our partners, Barts Health NHS Trust and the London Ambulance Service, which is currently £1.3 million per annum.

It cost approximately £8.7 million (consolidated costs) to provide London with an advanced trauma care service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Nearly £6 million went towards funding our charitable activities and included: 

• Significant expenditure to purchase, conduct initial  maintenance and modifications on our new helicopter  (G-LNDN) 

• Increased maintenance costs on our original helicopter  (G-EHMS) due to its age 

• Flying the first full season of extended daylight hours

How resilient are we?

As of 31 March 2016 we have sufficient unrestricted cash reserves to fund 4.1 months of group wide expenditure  should all our funding sources cease. This cash balance has allowed us to partially repay the financing for our new helicopter (G-LNDN) in August 2016 with a final repayment planned for January 2016. In addition the outstanding balance due on our existing helicopter (G-EHMS) was fully settled in October 2016. This will mean that for the first time in its history, the Charity will own all its assets and can focus on achieving the target unrestricted cash cover of 9 months while continuing to invest in its charitable activities.

We are committed to further diversify and grow the sources of our income to ensure sustainability and resilience of the vital service and London in general. 

In every £1 we spend 

• 68p was spent on delivering our services 

• 32p was spent on raising funds

Our Charitable Spending Ratio, as calculated by the Charity Commission BETA version, is 75% in 2015/16 vs 68% in 2014/15. This is calculated as charitable spending (including governance costs) as a percentage of our income available for charitable spending.

Following our ‘Your London, Your Helicopter’ fundraising campaign in 2015 to acquire and sustain a second helicopter and extend our summer daylight flying hours for five years, just over £4 million was raised allowing us to acquire the aircraft, convert the helicopter to meet aviation regulations and provide the same medical interior, and to cover some running costs for the extended service. Read more

The cost of providing our service has increased to £8.7 million this year and donations are needed now more than ever to maintain the delivery of our 24/7 advanced trauma care to London.