Where our funding came from

In 2016/17 we raised £9.2 million (consolidated income) from our supporters and partners (comparative figure from 2015/16 £9.4 million*). All income streams performed well, with income from commercial activity (including lottery, sponsorship & shop) increasing by 15% from £3.2 million last year to £3.7 million this year. Corporate and individual donations amounted to £1.6 million. Our supporters have donated generously both in cash and gifts in kind and every stream of income is vital to the ongoing sustainability, growth and development of the charity. We continued to provide service for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, using our helicopters and fleet of rapid response cars and this year’s income funded the operation of extended flying hours until sunset each night from April to September, resulting in a total of 317 additional hours’ coverage during which the helicopter was launched on 106 occasions and the team treated 68 critically injured patients.

It cost approximately £7.4 million (consolidated costs) to provide London with an advanced trauma care service 24 hour a day, 7 days a week (very close to the restated cost of providing the service last year). Over £4 million went towards funding our charitable activities, including approx. £3 million on operating and maintaining the helicopters.
How resilient are we?

As of 31 March 2017, we have sufficient unrestricted cash reserves to fund 6.4 months’ operational costs should all our funding sources cease.

The final repayment on the helicopter loan was made in January 2017 meaning that for the first time in our history, the charity owns all its assets.

For every £1 we spend on raising funds, we generated £3 in income.

With the aim of doubling the income of the charity in the next five years to safeguard its future, we have made substantial investment in fundraising in the past year and will continue to invest in fundraising over the coming years.

For every pound of spending, 54p** was spent delivering our service and 46p went towards fundraising. This follows a strategic decision to invest significantly in growing individual giving (including lottery) over the coming years. This requires upfront funding to recruit new supporters to provide long-term, sustainable income.

Our Charitable Spending Ratio*** as calculated by the charity Commission BETA version is 70% (2015/16 75%). This is calculated as charitable spending (including governance costs) as a percentage of our income available for charitable spending.

*Change in accounting policy: The cost of clinical staff provided by our partners, Barts Health NHS Trust and the London Ambulance Service of £1.2 million (2015/16 £1.3 million) has been excluded from the above income and expenditure figures this year (and last year’s comparative figures are re-stated to show a true comparison).

** The charitable costs of the clinical provision are not included within these figures.

*** Calculated using the methodology published by the Charity Commission on the BETA version – www.beta.charitycommission.gov.uk