HELIMED - be a life-saver, play our free App

Take on the roles of a London's Air Ambulance Pilot, Paramedic or Doctor. Complete life-saving missions, based on real-life scenarios, in a race against time.  

Available now FREE 

We have launched an innovative educational resource as part of our charity’s schools’ outreach programme. The resource is an interactive App HELIMED, designed to inspire a new generation of enthusiastic, technologically skilled young people to pursue STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects and later careers. They could be the Advanced Trauma teams of the future!

HELIMED is completely free to download and provides an insightful look at the work of the charity. Players carry out London's Air Ambulance missions, taking on the roles of a London’s Air Ambulance Doctor, Paramedic and Pilot to complete four life-saving missions, all in a race against time.  

The HELIMED app was developed by Milo Creative in partnership with science education centre Centre of the Cell. The videos were filmed and edited by Cincera Productions.