Help us save more lives

On average, five people every 24 hours in London are so seriously injured that they need advanced life-saving medical treatment on scene, before they reach hospital. With your help our advanced trauma doctor and paramedic can be by their side within minutes to perform medical procedures normally only found in the hospital Emergency Department, giving them the best possible chance of survival and recovery.


Donations can be monthly or single and can be made online, through an SMS or via the post. We are immensely grateful for your support and simply could not run our charity without your donations.

Challenge Yourself

We have events to suit everyone so whether you’re interested in sports, baking or adventures abroad we have got the perfect event for you. 

Be a Volunteer

Do you have some spare time? Are you looking to develop new skills and meet new people? We can create a tailored volunteer experience that helps you while you help us. 

Play our Lottery

Fancy winning £1,000? The London's Air Ambulance lottery is a fun way to support our essential service. For just £1 a week you have the chance to win the weekly top prize of £1,000. 

Become our Corporate Partner

Your company can help save more lives across London. We are a dynamic and innovative charity for your company to work with and we create tailored programmes to suit your company's needs.

Remember us in your Will

By remembering London's Air Ambulance in your Will you can make a positive impact on the lives of seriously injured people in the future, and help us to continue developing innovative medical procedures.

Don’t Forget to Share!

We know that you want your support to go as far as possible. The best way to maximise your support is to share it with your friends so they can follow your lead.