Our team of dedicated face to face fundraisers play a vital role in recruiting long-term supporters of our charity. 

Our Face to Face Fundraisers

Please find below the updated list of our face to face fundraisers representing London's Air Ambulance. All of our fundraisers work within the M25, the local police stations are informed of the areas in which each fundraiser operates. All our fundraisers will be wearing their London’s Air Ambulance photo ID badge. We regularly update this list but if you cannot see a fundraiser, or if you are interested to join our in-house team of face to face fundraisers, please contact our Supporter Care team on 020 3023 3319 or email supportercare@londonsairambulance.co.uk. 

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Andy O’Donnell

Bandale Awotona
W Postcodes

Trevor Allen

Jim Linnen  

Albert Finigan

Stephen Talbot

Derek Murphy

Louise Skein

Emma Knight

Emmanuel Shiyanbola
Bromley Postcodes

Oliver Bourne
Private Sites 

Kye Charlesworth

Scott Whittaker

Wendy Rogers

Stephen Myall

Lesley Bishop

Stacey Linnen

Kris Williams

Paul Foley

Kevin Morris  Barking and Dagenham

Matthew Keel

Gary Pert
RM Postcodes

James Ettinger

Phil Ray

Mark Cooper

Greg Robinson

Daniel Burston

Mark Hughes

John Davis

John Langley

J ason Kesterton

Chloe Medores

Daniel Thatcher

Mitch Craven

James McCoustra

Terry Brown

Stuart Voice

Darren Green

Michael Budd

Steve Foster

Paul O' Connor

Neil Daldy

Gary Woolhead