Our volunteers are integral to the work that we do and support us in many ways. From helping in the office to supporting at community events and collections, many of our supporters give up their time to help us every week.

With a variety of different types of roles and time commitments, there is something for everyone. So if you are keen to support London's Air Ambulance then why not volunteer in our office, out in the local community, driving our charity cars or in our charity shop?

To find out about how our volunteers help us and why they choose to support London's Air Ambulance, please see below for some of our volunteer stories.

maria, shop volunteer  

Maria is an aspiring Paramedic and volunteers for London's Air Ambulance in our shop.

In 2012, aged just 12, Maria was one of 2,000 young hopefuls to apply for a place in a new CBBC show called ‘Hero Squad’ and was selected along with five others to take part. The show allowed the young participants to learn more about different emergency services and gave them the opportunity to experience what life is like for those people who dedicate their lives to helping others. For Maria, the highlight of the series was spending time with London’s Air Ambulance. She had always wanted to become a Paramedic but spending time with our team allowed her to learn much more about the role she had always dreamed of and heightened her enthusiasm even further.

‘I didn’t even know that London's Air Ambulance existed until I took part in Hero Squad but the whole experience was so inspirational and ever since then it has been my dream to become a Flight Paramedic. One of the highlights was meeting Dr Gareth Davies and learning about his role. He was so helpful and he continues to be a huge inspiration to me.’

As part of the programme, Maria won the chance to fly in the helicopter and was also chosen to be the Squad Leader in a re-enactment of a mission. ‘I got the chance to manage a scene and learn more about the types of incident that London's Air Ambulance attends.’ 

Since appearing on the show, Maria has become even more passionate about becoming a Paramedic. Currently studying for her A Levels, she hopes to apply for a place on a Paramedic Science degree later this year. She has also recently started volunteering for London's Air Ambulance and can be found working in our shop in Whitechapel. ‘Volunteering is very important to me because not only can I help support the charity but it also allows me to be a part of something that I aspire to work for in the future. I hope that next time I appear on the website, it will be as a Paramedic working for the charity!’

Cornelius Wilson

Cornelius began volunteering for London's Air Ambulance in 2013 but his interest in the charity began long before this. As an aspiring pilot, Cornelius made contact with our Chief Pilot Neil Jeffers to find out more about one day flying for the air ambulance. Following a visit to the helipad, Cornelius was hooked and decided to become a volunteer.

In his time as a volunteer he has got involved in a wide range of activities and supported the team in many ways. From putting out collection pots in the community, to helping at events and in the office, Cornelius has become a valuable member of the team. He has even dressed up as our former mascot – Ruby Rescue!

His dream of becoming a pilot has now become a reality and he works as a First Officer for EasyJet. He also continues to support London’s Air Ambulance and is helping us to develop the volunteer speaker role. He regularly delivers talks to community groups, schools and corporate supporters to help encourage others to support us.

"Growing up in London and spotting London's Air Ambulance regularly made me extremely curious to find out about the operation and how I could join their team. I found out you need a lot of flying experience to become a HEMS pilot, and so therefore I decided to volunteer for the charity, and haven't look back since!

I know that using my skills to speak to the community and fundraising for London's Air Ambulance really makes a difference. It continues the already fantastic work by the team to provide such a valuable service to Londoners who are in need of our help. It's also a great joy to work with other volunteers who share the same passion - and long may it continue." 

Ann, Office and Events

Ann has been volunteering for London's Air Ambulance for over two years, helping with a variety of events, talks, collections and regularly supports our office team in producing thank you certificates for our supporters.

Ann became involved with the charity when she organised a memorial lunch for her partner Marianne who was attended by our team. She sadly passed away in March 2014 and Ann’s determination to support the charity has grown ever since. The lunch raised over £650 and since then Ann has decided to regularly volunteer to support the charity that is so close to her heart.

Since becoming a volunteer, Ann has brought her enthusiasm, passion and zest for life to all her volunteering activities.

‘I enjoy volunteering as it enables me to meet new people. I find supporting the charity rewarding, as it helps to spread the word within the community and raise awareness that London’s Air Ambulance is a charity and needs our support.’